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I'm Matt Snyder, creator and lead blogger of The Dawg Blawg. I have bled orange and brown since the day I could walk. I grew up and currently live in eastern Ohio. I will be attending Kent State University to major in sports managment and plan to transfer to The Ohio State University in the near future.

Email me: thedawgblawg@gmail.com


Welcome to The Dawg Blawg! The Dawg Blawg is a Cleveland Brown fan site where fans can come to learn the latest updates on the Brownies. Here at The Dawg Blawg, we've noticed that the Browns often get snubbed by mainstream sports media. So we strive to bring you the latest news and orignal content, along with many fan features such as Team forums and Chat. So if your a Cleveland Browns fan then be sure to join us at The Dawg Blawg. Thanks for stopping by and GO DAWGS!!!


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